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Fantastical 2.5.8 for Mac 强大功能的日历管理工具 最新破解版 兼容10.13 [复制链接]

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Fantastical 专为OS X Yosemite设计,Fantastical 包含强大的功能的日历管理工具
软件语言:英文 其他语言

Fantastical for Mac软件简介

6 a& ]! ]0 d' C 七度苹果电脑软件Fantastical 专为Mac OS设计,Fantastical 包含强大的功能,如引擎难以置信的语法分析。一个完整的日历窗口(可以忽略一天,一周,一个月和一年),一个迷你窗口快速访问,支持提醒iCloud,时区支持和更多,更多。
0 p7 _7 _3 R3 A! r 七度苹果电脑软件4 A- r. s% y5 L. t" a 七度苹果电脑软件

Fantastical for Mac新特性:

/ Z; D# B( O2 ]$ \+ N& H 七度苹果电脑软件
•漂亮的全新设计,专属于OS X Yosemite。
! ]- d. x* `& A/ a 七度苹果电脑软件•完整的日历窗口,可以俯瞰日、周、月和年。( q3 ]" k3 K* ?3 j8 ]1 t3 n 七度苹果电脑软件
•今天的小部件,操作扩展名OS X Yosemite。
+ F; d/ ]; i, j 七度苹果电脑软件•在你到达或离开某个地点时,用简单的点击或自动的方式快速改变日历。
- @% }0 b& L0 |+ A6 c 七度苹果电脑软件•现在为你的位置显示地图。
; U$ W" y: v$ M 七度苹果电脑软件•通过一个单独的提醒列表和基于地理位置的提醒功能,对iCloud的提醒功能有所改进。: T3 [7 }+ K, Q 七度苹果电脑软件
3 ?" G9 `2 i/ ^2 V9 T) B2 P" Z 七度苹果电脑软件•时区支持,包括对浮动时区的支持。
% e8 X, D4 w5 a( E4 X 七度苹果电脑软件•黑色和清晰的主题。# v8 @: G( N1 u. t+ F6 Q  @ 七度苹果电脑软件

- o4 J1 b* y7 k, b5 h. G7 h 七度苹果电脑软件


& J, j, q: d5 @, \ 七度苹果电脑软件OSX 10.10或者更高
; W7 d2 v% ~7 I2 I 七度苹果电脑软件# L' _: j0 z3 Y* v! T* W 七度苹果电脑软件


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"And you're perfect!" Doug exclaimed, and wrapping his arms around her waist, drew her into a hard kiss.And after a minute or so, and four more of her yowling orgasms, he began to wonder if she could do anything else."Gee, Mr. Henderson," Kelly said. "John said you thought I was pretty and that you wanted to have sex with me. He told me you'd give me lots of money if I agreed to do that."She didn't even have a regular boyfriend. He felt his frus-trations peak as his balls scrunched up and cum shot from the end of his cock, splashing all over the floor. When he finished cumming, he stood up, determined to figure a way out of his dilemma before he went absolutely crazy. 8 J5 d+ f  v# _# D4 W 七度苹果电脑软件
, U" N; N9 H- u& X8 s* \: i 七度苹果电脑软件

" X: I7 [8 b# K/ a# H/ `0 s 七度苹果电脑软件 4 N9 u7 e0 E7 W1 o 七度苹果电脑软件
"Night, mom," Kelly said. "I'm pretty tired so I think I'll go to bed."During the course of our meal, the conversation became more and more sexually explicit. Kent was the main instigator, of course, followed closely by Anne. But now, Janet was beginning to take more of a role in encouraging them, too. Then Jan noticed Anne had spilled on her front, right about her nipple, and pointed it out to everyone. Kent leapt from his chair and rushed to Anne. He bent his head and lapped away the spot on her tank top, playing with her nipple through the material with his tongue as he did. That had been the most blatant contact I had ever seen between them. Then Anne said, "I think it soaked through" and lifted her shirt, exposing one erect nipple. Down went Kent again, this time smothering her entire breast with his mouth. Just as quickly, he jumped back to his seat. Though comical, it clearly paved the way for greater intimate contact. No sooner had Kent sat down, than he deliberately dropped a morsel into his own lap.The next day, after the boys' parents had left the house, Tiffany harvested a few of the nutlike goat's-head seed pods. She then spread a large beach towel under the boy's bedroom window in order to do some topless sunbathing. When she had stripped down to her bikini bottom, she sat down and carefully but as quickly as possible thrust one of the goat's-head thorns as far as possible into the very center of each tit tip. When she had recovered sufficiently from this first stage of her plan, she managed to snap off the remainder of each seed pod so that only a tiny stub of thorn remained visible in each nipple. The groaning girl then fell over backwards. Flat on her back, she could see the boy grinning down at her; for this next stage of her plan had left her barely able to move other than to shudder a few times, her tits quivering nicely."If it's what Kelly wants, I don't mind," John assured him, taking the money that Kelly was holding out to him and carefully putting it in his pocket.

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"Why, thank you! Honey, you just made my night." So far anyway. "Tell you what, I'm trying to hook up for, um"—I winked—"a different kind of fun, but hey, if it doesn't work out, I'll keep my eye out for you and maybe we can share a dance or two."But of course Elly would. Elly was going to strip everything that made Ia Ia away from her, turn her into a docile, obedient pet. And Ia was helping her do it."Turn around, then," John gasped slamming one last time into Kelly's pussy."Not if you're with me," Kelly replied, smiling at him. "Did you talk to him?" she asked, sinking down on the grass next to him.
3 Z- |) n/ S, q5 l 七度苹果电脑软件 2 O; Z5 Y2 N9 \2 S 七度苹果电脑软件
( D# M6 d  t2 N3 K& V 七度苹果电脑软件

6 c! D# M1 x' X4 m8 b  c9 m 七度苹果电脑软件Ia felt the paintbrush tickling her belly, and her spirit quailed as a host of unwelcome giggles escaped her. But the paintbrush kept climbing lower. "Please, no," she gasped, giggling. "Heehee! Please! No!""Well, at least you can admit it," Kelly said, splashing him and then swimming for the bank."They seem pretty excited about this." I said to her.Tiffany looked pensive. Buford wasn't a bad guy, she thought; he just had some odd ideas. She had placed an ad offering to work for food, and Buford had been the only person who had bothered to respond. She had been very hungry when she had first gone out to his farm to meet him, and he had offered to feed her in exchange for cleaning the chicken house. He had pointed out to the city girl that chicken droppings were quite nutritious and thus could be used for fertilizer; and when she had hesitated, he had pointed out to her that, if she couldn't stomach the idea of taking them orally, there was always another way for her to take them, since they were already predigested and her stomach was not needed to digest them. She had opted for the second method: She really had been hungry. She wondered whether Buford had been serious when he had given her the choice, or whether he had just been taunting her. He hadn't seemed surprised when she had accepted. Not that it mattered now.

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"You wanted to talk to me?" Tom asked."Sure. I love watching Anne with someone. I know she'd love to with you! We just need to keep them in the same room.""Sweetie, don't worry." I assured her, "I think everything will be just fine."I've never been able to sleep late, and despite the disturbance in the middle of the night, I was awake by 8 the next morning. I walked quietly out of my room and through the living room dimly lit with the early light of morning. On the way to fix myself breakfast in the kitchen, I noticed the strange shoes and extra pairs of keys I had seen a few hours earlier were all gone. Curious, I tip toed back down the hallway towards Cassidy's room to see if there was anything wrong. ; Y+ n- M+ P4 [ 七度苹果电脑软件
5 n$ k, B- G7 ^: l( V 七度苹果电脑软件

; _" R, ]( E8 B. g 七度苹果电脑软件
" v/ |4 y/ V9 |! S1 p 七度苹果电脑软件"Hey Cassidy, what's up?" I asked softly."Not lately, but...you never know." Anne replied, and then made a sidelong glance towards Kent beside her.Leftover Words – An Erotic Story"Nobody new, lately?" Janet asked her, sweetly.

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"I understand," I responded, and quickly decided to take her up on her offer. "Let me... go to my room an I'll call you when I'm ready.""Ia's so strong," Elly cooed, "she won't even mind if I do this!""My idea!" he said, groaning as he felt Kelly's face press against his belly as his cock slid down her throat.We had talked about it at length, and everything about our relationship with them remained the same, except for one thing. I was always a bit more conservative when joking around with Janet, lest she misinterprets my actions and a strain on the relationship occurs. Kent had always maintained some interest in swinging, but as long as Janet seemed uninterested, Anne and I agreed we would never raise the subject with them. This weekend was certainly different. In the past, at Kent's instigation, Janet had flashed me her terrific tits. Almost exclusively when she was drunk, and always very briefly. Today, however, I had seen those wonderful C-cup sweater-puppies four times. Anne was even surprised. She mentioned a few times that Jan was really being very playful.
+ H  N. }6 N- m) w 七度苹果电脑软件
" }! l) j8 M' d 七度苹果电脑软件 + L' b! e2 C( |7 i 七度苹果电脑软件
# h0 n6 b$ M1 Z/ G 七度苹果电脑软件
"I thought you were going to use your fingers or something, most guys... don't like doing that," she responded."How come you always go out with someone different?" John asked.I murmured "Mmm...hmmm." Over and over into Janet's flowing pussy, to let Anne know I was getting close. With an extended thrust, I released my semen into my wife's mouth, who greedily drank in down. While Anne sucked the remainder from my cock, I brought Jan off with a combination of tongue and fingers. Though not as intense as her first orgasm, her spasms lasted several moments. Though I wasn't able to discern it at the time, Kent later assured me his come was flowing down his wife's throat at nearly the same instant.Janet resumed her interrogation of Anne.

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"I guess we could, if we told them we were going to a movie or something.""Oh fuck, that's deep!" she called out."Especially if I fuck him," Kelly promised, leaning forward and letting her hands rest on his legs."You know, Jenna, I don't think that would be uh...proper."
1 p' ]: g; g  Y, j3 Z) @9 E* J 七度苹果电脑软件 % Y8 u9 f+ e) m% [ 七度苹果电脑软件

" q6 K/ Q  \1 d  n. I 七度苹果电脑软件
7 z8 Q2 y; x! I7 Y 七度苹果电脑软件He looked out through the window at the barn as he thought back to the time he had first used her nether lips to clean his boots. He began: "I had stepped in something really nasty that day, and at feeding time I was still in a bad mood thinking about having to clean that crap off, maybe with a stick. Anyway, when I got to the barn with my spittoon, you weren't ready yet, which didn't exactly help my mood any, especially since I knew you had already finished cleaning the fresh droppings out of the chicken house and had had plenty of time to get ready. I dumped the contents of the spittoon into the bucket of droppings and picked up a thick rubber hose while I waited until you were in position, head down, ass up. You didn't seem to be in any hurry to get fed, so I smacked your ass with the hose to let you know that I was getting pretty damned impatient."I like bacon, but I much prefer sausage." Jan said, staring meaningfully at my own meat. I was partially deflated, but still formidably large.Elly giggled, raising the slick, dripping runerod to Ia's eye level. "But here's the thing!” she said, beaming at Ia. “Only good girls get to come, and only bimbos can be my good girls. And if you don't come... you get stupid.”Ia stared into Elly's eyes, horrified, as she felt the paintbrush start flicking over her lips again. "No," she cried. "Heehee—n-no! Pleeease, no!"

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"Maybe I should tell him about Kelly," John mused, curious to what Tom's reaction would be to that comment.Following dinner, we headed to the dance club area for a few more drinks and dancing. As we walked to the dance club, Melissa grabbed my hand and held me like a lover instead of a friend’s husband. Chris on the other hand was far bolder walking with his arm around Lynn’s waist, at one point, I even saw him caress and rub my wife’s ass. While Chris caressed my wife’s ass, she leaned her head against his chest; she even reached up and gave him a big wet juicy kiss on his neck. Anyone unaware of what was going on would have assumed that Chris and Lynn were a couple and Melissa and I were together. We got to the dance club and the music was pumping and it was moderately crowded. Melissa spoke with the guy at the entrance to the club and he led us to a reserved table in a corner of the club. We arrived at our table and the next round of drinks arrived and the four of us resumed our playful heavy petting that had begun during dinner. The two ladies took turns pulling out their partner’s cock and giving it a few strokes then putting it back in our trousers. Chris and I both took turns copping a feel of our partner’s breast and even reaching between their legs to stroke their pussies. At one point, Lynn and Chris were siting directly across of Melissa and I, my wife opened her legs wide enough to afford Melissa and I a unobstructed view of Chris fingering my wife. It was so hot watching my wife getting turned on by another man. She definitely was enjoying it because as Chris fingered her, she leaned over and began to kiss him and grabbing his cock through his pants. Seeing what was happening to her husband, Melissa decided to join in too… Melissa mounted me like a stripper giving a lap dance and began to grind me right in front of my wife. Looking back now, it sure appeared like the two ladies were trying to outdo the other…. Lucky for Chris and I."Open wide," she cooed. "Be a good boy!"Whether you’re just a beginner when it comes to having anal sex (and making sure its enjoyed by both partners!) or you’re well-versed in using anal toys and the ...
. b+ E3 f! K: A4 _# Z 七度苹果电脑软件
1 T' s4 s& K2 A% n& S" _ 七度苹果电脑软件 : m0 N4 ]  L4 e 七度苹果电脑软件
8 r2 @: B" \* g0 a- _ 七度苹果电脑软件
"And she got that mad?" He whistled. "Because she looked—"----------"Is that how much it costs?" Kelly asked."She was up there with a girl, so follow her to the bathroom. On the way out, see if she'll dance with you. I think you can handle it from there. Now go work it, baby!"

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"No panties?" he asked, looking her in the face in surprise."If you don't like it," she said sweetly, "just make me stop."Not far away, the girls were getting acquainted. Anne was asking Anja to pronounce her name again. Anne kept saying "Anna"."I thought it was obvious, I'm jerking you off," she responded with a bright smile. Her fingers were sliding around my cock head, jacking me more quickly and tightly. "What's wrong, don't you like it?" # A# Z6 g& ~0 B1 `5 \ 七度苹果电脑软件
- d; b2 I% k' C2 ] 七度苹果电脑软件

- c) |4 R2 B1 \0 | 七度苹果电脑软件
3 n7 W- d2 N* z9 N' c 七度苹果电脑软件"But not just any porn," she continued in a soft purr. "A site called Couples Seeking Teens. It's all videos about people your age playing with girls like me. I get off to them and think of you guys. I want to play!" She pushed her lips out in a precious pout, her lower lip trembling. "Please, I'll do anything you want!"As Doug moaned, I watched with my pussy dripping as Jenna moved her head is a slow rhythm. She was whimpering around his cock as my fingers began rubbing her clit in hard fast circles. She was starting to grind her hips back into me and with a smile at Doug; I ducked my head and began sucking on his balls. His hips jerked and his knee began to move up and down, as he grew closer. My pussy was on fire as my two lovers were both closing in on coming. Removing my mouth from his balls, I eased his cock from Jenna's mouth and took it into my own."Not lately, but...you never know." Anne replied, and then made a sidelong glance towards Kent beside her.Read More

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As I rolled onto my back, Cassidy's hand closed around the base of my cock and pulled my manhood out through the front of my boxers. "You said no sex," I reminded her, still trying to wake my muddled mind. I felt one of her full breasts resting against my chest and asked, "Are you naked?!"I saw him place his thumb on her clit and Jenna cooed in delight and I felt her body relax between us. I looked over at Doug and after kissing her nipple started sliding down the bed. I let my tongue slide along her stomach and saw her watching me a look of anticipation on her face. Across from me, Doug was doing the same thing and as he stopped, teasing his tongue along the swelling of her pubic mound, I slid down between her legs.I started sucking Doug hard and fast and felt his fingers tighten in my hair. "That's it, baby!" he whispered. "Just like that!"A few days later when I met the roommate at a happy hour, I knew I was in a tough spot. The girl was gorgeous. Her name was Cassidy, which also should have been a warning. 5 U" k& j2 e, k 七度苹果电脑软件

  \) ]7 }0 r7 V: F 七度苹果电脑软件 ; H" q5 V. s$ x+ Y' ?1 n$ ?9 p 七度苹果电脑软件
! G3 P. F1 e3 h2 q, Y 七度苹果电脑软件
"Me, no," John said. "But I'll have to ask Kelly. I don't know if she's ever done that before.""Harder!" urged the boy. "Okay, you've killed them, but your nipples are still burning from the stings. The stingers must still be in your nipples. You'll have to pull them out." The groaning girl tugged hard at her nipples, but to no avail. "You can't get them out with your fingers," the boy told her, "you can't get a strong-enough grip. You'll have to use your teeth. Hurry! Your nipples really hurt! Use your teeth to pull the stingers out!""Yeah, but you both know we're in the 'Lifestyle'. I thought Jan was not into that."She felt her nipples getting hard and her pussy getting wet as she lay there and thought about it. God, she loved sex. It had only been a couple of months since she had lost her cherry and she found herself thinking of sex almost all of the time now. Her hands went to her breasts, cupping them as her fingers automatically found her hard erect nipples. One hand slid down between her legs to feel the warm moistness there, a finger finding her erect clit and gently rubbing it.

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发表于 2019-5-18 05:14:08 |显示全部楼层
"Not at all?" John asked.----------"Where do you want to cum?" she asked, her bright smile never wavering. "Tell me.""You talk just like dad," Kelly laughed, leaning forward and shifting so that she was sitting Indian fashion directly in front of John, not realizing how this exposed her pussy to his view. & _8 k& y4 A, ^ 七度苹果电脑软件
7 r8 R# `* `, w 七度苹果电脑软件
2 U* P. F# C# s$ q- r$ s+ r 七度苹果电脑软件

/ N4 ?7 e: k/ ~ 七度苹果电脑软件The massive runerod buzzed loudly, filling her with intense, all-consuming need. She wasn't even being given the chance to fake her submission anymore—Elly and her moth fairies were happily bringing her to not-orgasm after not-orgasm, with no pauses in between. She couldn't imagine a worse torture than this."I've got to get out of here," Kelly told him as she approached. "I can't stand it any more.""I don't like to wear them," Kelly said, feeling his fingers pressing into the crack of her ass as he squeezed her cheeks. "That sure feels good, Mr. Henderson," she said, enjoying the sensation. "Does it excite you too?" she asked, letting a hand drop down between their bodies to cover his hard cock in his pants.She grinned devilishly at him. He felt the hand on the mug leave his and travel down, taking his hand and adjusting it. Now his hand rested directly over one of her full, flushed breasts. He felt her pert nipple pressing against his palm.

Rank: 1

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